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Some Key Benefits of using an Independent Broker

1. A logical option

One of the gripes people find with insurance bought online is that it doesn’t actually cover you the way you want it to. When you get a quote online, think about the information you provide. Does it encapsulate your requirements? How can a quote be provided in such little information? An independent broker will endeavour to understand every aspect of your cover needs before arranging cover.

2. Genuine expertise

The duty of an insurance broker is to offer their expertise. Insurance brokers are made up of dedicated, experienced staff members. How does this help you? It means that when an insurance broker assesses a business, for instance, the broker will quickly understand your requirements, even if you can’t see the risks yourself

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3. Impartiality

Again, using an online price comparison site may seem like a good option, but how much is genuinely explained?

Would an insurer worry about telling you loopholes or advising you on cover? An insurance broker like us would. It’s important for our business to remain impartial. That means giving honest opinions and advice you can trust. If we don’t have that, our clients won’t trust us, and we will lose business. In a sense, a broker works as an extended part of your business.

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4. Access to specialist markets

Going direct to an insurer isn’t always available.

When it is, you only get one option. Insurance brokers are not usually tied to any single insurer. After considering your needs, they use many or all of the UK’s leading insurers to find the best cover at the best price. If you have a specialist need or unique risk you need to insure, we act on your behalf to negotiate with insurers on the most suitable policy.

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5. Saving time and money

Leading on from the previous point, we know that some of the deciding factors in insurance revolve around saving time and money. Everybody wants their insurance to be the cheapest, but it pays to be smart about it, too. An insurance broker can find a suitable policy which won’t exclude things when it comes to needing to claim. That way, you get a secure policy with an affordable premium.

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6. Flexibility

Accessibility is often what separates brokers and insurers. We make insurance personal. If ever you need to speak to us, you can call a dedicated account handler who you will know personally. They are always just a phone call away, or you can simply pop in to speak with us face-to-face. Other companies and insurers often have much larger teams who pick up work ad hoc and there’s no guarantee you will speak with the same person.

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7. A shared vision

It’s not uncommon for communication to dwindle the moment an insurance company has signed you up. In fact, you probably won’t hear from them again until it comes to renewal. Alternatively, brokers are in it for the long-term. Brokers want to build long-lasting relationships with you, which might mean mid-term reviews and offering assistance should you need it when, for example, your insurance needs change.

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