Autumn Risk Bulletin


Autumn Risk Bulletin

In this issue:

- Welcome to Autumn

- Autumn weather

- Road traffic collisions

- Sharing the road space safely

- Engineering inspection

- Slips, trips, and falls

- Building enclosures, balconies, terraces and outside heating

- Escape of water

- Aviva’s specialist partners

Download the autumn risk bulletin Here.

Bought to you by Ascend Broking Group LTD, together with Aviva, this risk management bulletin covers some key issues employers and business owners need to be aware of at this time of year.

You’ll find information on common risks, from dangerous driving conditions caused by the weather, to making sure modifications to outdoor areas are as safe as possible. If you’re keen for more tips and guidance, each section also features links to more detailed information and risk assessment checklists, which you can tailor to your business.

Seeing how prepared you are for the potential challenges of the season will help protect your business from the elements this autumn.

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