Ascend Broking Newsletter 2022


Ascend Broking cover notes Summer 2022

Explaining issues that affect your insurance...

In this issue:

- Insurance fraud does not pay

- Bullying: workplace trials and tribunals

- Business travel polices offer many benefits

- Inflation impacts on property insurance

- Cover your event eventualities

- Is it covered?


Insurance fraudsters beware!

The insurance industry is fighting back on insurance fraud, to prevent negative impacts on the insurance premiums of the “honest majority”.

Insurance fraud takes different forms. One is lying to an insurer when first taking out a policy, or deliberately concealing facts that would otherwise lead the insurer to charge a higher premium or not offer cover for the risk.

Another relates to fabricating or augmenting claims. This could be by deliberately manufacturing a claim scenario, or by telling lies about losses incurred. Crash for cash is one example. Here, drivers deliberately cause a crash, so as to then make an inflated insurance claim.

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