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Allianz Step by Step Restarting Business Guide

Allianz have released their step by step guide for restarting your business to avoid the risk of legal action if procedures are not followed correctly.

The guide includes notes on risk management, security and procedures to help manage your business in the post-lockdown period.

With businesses looking to restart following loosening of lockdown procedures, many are at risk of not having the correct procedures in place. The Allianz guide gives you information on how to restart your business correctly and what to do when restarting your business. You can find the guide by clicking here.

The Allianz website gives a more detailed look into post-lockdown procedures to avoid potential hazards. You can view that here.

You can also find the Ascend returning to work guide for further details on how to return to work safely. Click here to view our brochure.

If you have any worries about going back to work or what procedures to follow when restarting your business then please call us on 01245 449060.

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