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5 tips to keep employees safe when returning to work

As businesses return to work across the country, many employees will be worried about safety. Follow these five tips to keep your business safe and give your employees peace of mind.

1 Install hygiene screens – these will prevent contact between employees sitting next to each other at desks. By creating this barrier between work spaces, your employees will work without the fear of spreading germs.

2 Encourage use of stairs instead of lifts – not only will the use of stairs allow a form of exercise for many employees, but it will also reduce crowding in lifts where the spread of diseases can be common.

3 Ensure those working from home are doing so safely – make sure that all employees working from home have good cyber security on their computers or laptops to prevent the risk of cyber breaches which could release personal information.

Read about the value of safety briefings here.

4 Increase cleaning regimes – cleaning is essential in office spaces. Large employers may have to emply cleaners throughout the day. This may seem like a burden but it will give employees peace of mind.

5 Install hand sanitising stations – these should be installed not only at entrances, but throughout the office. These stations are extremely valuable for combating viruses.

Visit our Covid-19 FAQ's section here.

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