5 steps to an accident free Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts can be a fantastic way to raise funds – the upfront costs are minimal, it is an enjoyable way of getting people involved in your cause and there are tasty prizes for everyone involved.

It is a good opportunity for all members of the community, regardless of age, to come together and enjoy this age-old tradition, all whilst raising funds for a great cause. However, like with any other fundraising event, there are various risks that come with organising a charitable Easter egg hunt. To keep it accident free, follow these 5 easy steps: Choose a safe location When looking for the right location for your Easter egg hunt, make sure it is somewhere that is safe and suitable for children to run around in. It should be somewhere that can be easily monitored when children are on the hunt. Lawns and gardens tend to be a good option, keeping the children safe without limiting their enjoyment. Try to ensure the hunt area is fenced off and avoid anywhere near busy roads at all costs. Have a contingency plan Try to prepare for a typically wet British bank holiday weekend by having a back up plan in place. Rain will make outside surfaces slippy which, combined with children running around, could result in a nasty fall. Having a hall at the local community centre as a backup means you will be able to move the hunt inside and avoid potential weather-related accidents. Keep prizes safe Last year, a charity Easter egg worth around £10,000 was stolen in Glasgow. The two foot-high egg was one of over a hundred that were placed across Glasgow for the charity Action for Children. As it was such a high profile event, thieves were aware of the cost of the eggs and saw an opportunity. Although your charity won't be giving away Easter eggs of this value, prizes you may have for a tombola or raffle - vouchers, electronics, gifts - can grab the attention of opportunist thieves. Make sure prizes of significant value are properly monitored at all times by volunteers. Brief your staff Ensure volunteers are briefed about the event. Effective communication is key - by knowing where first aid kits are, who is responsible for what role and what to do in the event of an accident, most potential problems can be avoided. Keep things tidy Loose wires are a common trip hazards - if you have electronic equipment at the event (such as a laptop or speakers) ensure that wires are tucked neatly away to avoid visitors tripping over them. Have you insured your event? The above steps are all useful measures to take to minimise the chances of an accident occurring at your Easter egg hunt. However, some incidents are unavoidable and your charity should arrange insurance cover in the event something unexpected happens. We offer specialist cover charity events for up for 500 visitors - find out more about our charity insurance. Ascend Broking 01245 449060     Article provides by Markel Insurance

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