Proof of Delivery Issues surrounding COVID-19

With the government guidelines advising us to make minimal contact, there may be times when obtaining proof of delivery. Customers may be unwilling to sign or use handheld electronic devices in case of exposure to the virus.

This could cause problems and allow consignees to claim for loss or damage they are not responsible for. Alternatives that could help this are as follows:


  • Use of e-signatures

  • Using self-inking stamp pad

  • Photographs of collection/delivery

  • Finally, the driver could countersign saying the customer refused to sign due to COVID-19 fears. 

At Ascend, we specialise in the haulage sector and have excellent relationships with our Insurers. We can advise the best course of action which can allow Insurers to have a sympathetic approach to out of the ordinary situations.  Tel: 01245 449060