Cyber crime is the biggest threat to any business

KYND’s powerful and easy-to-use technology is designed to help businesses of all sizes understand and prevent cyber risks.

Get an instant hacker’s eye view of your organisation and quickly spot vulnerabilities so you can take action before the worst happens.

KYND helps to stop cyber risks affecting your business – quickly and simply.

The threat is real

46% of UK businesses reported some sort of cyberattack in 2019, with one-third of them experiencing cyber incidents at least once a week in 2020.

Cyber-attacks cost billions

Sadly that’s right, it really does! In 2020, the total economic cost of cybercrime was reported to be an astonishing $798bn.

Small doesn’t mean safe

The total cost of cybersecurity breaches and attacks to UK SMEs between 2018-2019 has reached nearly £30bn.

Our technology is constantly scanning to provide expert insight into a company’s cyber risk exposure.
Using a simple traffic light system, the KYND risk profile highlights in red or amber any areas where the business could be exposed.

If part of your business is vulnerable, we help you take action to stop potential cyber risks turning into a real attack.

How does KYND help?

KYND helps to stop cyber risks affecting your business – quickly and simply

Ascend KYND

Check the security of your website and receive a detailed security report.

Ascend KYND

Understand the cyber risks your business face.

Ascend KYND

Receive a simple report highlighting your threats.

Ascend cyber

Recommendations relating to:

  • Ransomware
  • Financial threats
  • Business interruption
  • Highlighting which issues are the highest priority to fix
  • Placing risk perception in context alongside the other tags (“risk factors”)
  • Recommending a way to target the most critical areas

It costs more than just money

It’s not only financial loss – business disruption , reputational damage and data loss are indirect costs that could impact your business.

Uncover your business’s vulnerabilities in 3 easy steps with KYND Start, a simple, standalone cyber risk report.


Delivered in minutes and written in a language you can understand, it provides insight into your organisation’s cyber exposure coupled with a prioritised list of recommended actions to fix the issues identified.

Enter your website name and get instant results.

Easy-to-understand insights you don’t need an IT degree to decipher.

For every cyber risk identified, we give you a jargon free rundown of how to deal with it

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