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    Discretionary Insurance Budget & Audit Assessment

    It is essential that companies periodically conduct a review of their insurance programme to satisfy the following concerns:

    Does your current insurance programme cover the key risk exposures of your business?

    Is your current insurance programme placed with the most suitable insurers and for the best price?

    Is there an alternative way of structuring your insurance programme that could bring added benefits to your business?

    Many companies try to answer these questions by inviting another broker to tender for their business insurance programme. However, this can be time consuming and does not always answer the ‘suitability’ question as competing brokers are often under pressure to keep prices as low as possible.

    The most effective way for you to establish the facts would be for Ascend to conduct a free of charge independent audit of your insurance programme.

    Without infringing on your current insurance arrangements our review team will make a comparison of your risk profile against your existing insurance programme.

    You will receive feedback with all our findings, including commentary on suitability of insurer, recommendations, pricing and programme design.

    So, if you would like to work in partnership with us to achieve results for your business, please contact us.