September 16, 2020

Why construction should embrace technological advances


Construction is one industry that has been slow in embracing the considerable technological advances that the past decade has seen. Advancements have allowed for sites to be safer and more efficient. Technology also diminishes risk in many ways and as the country eases itself out of lockdown, technology extremely valuable.

Many companies are increasingly turning to modular construction, where elements such as floors and walls are made offsite while the shell of a building is made. This makes the building process far more efficient. It also makes the construction process safer. Elements are made in controlled environments meaning that contractors will not spend their time in exposed environments such as heights or in extreme weather, therefore reducing risk of injury.

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One of the most important advances is actually in clothing. New materials are able to detect changes in body temperature in order to spot signs of exhaustion and heatstroke. Other clothing have inbuilt systems to alter management when an injury has occurred. There is always a risk however of cyber attacks with digital aspects in clothing. That’s why its always valuable to have cyber insurance as a way of protection.

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