Our simple carbon offsetting client scheme

We will automatically plant a tree for every vehicle and policy that we insure, offsetting your carbon emissions. 

Join us in planting the Ascend Forest as part of our environmental sustainability project

Trees planted so far 


Sometimes it’s the little things which count…

Ascend Forest

1 tree for every vehicle
1 tree for every insurance policy

Trees for your business

Offset your unavoidable
business carbon emissions

Automatic planting

Our aim is to plant over 10,000 trees

Carbon offsetting made
easy and affordable

Where are my trees planted?

We plant your trees in forests across the world.

We partner with regulated non-profit NGOs (non-government organisations) across the world, who work with local communities to plant trees while reducing extreme poverty and combating deforestation.

Some of the current projects include:


Joining forces with neighbourhood tribal communities to reforest one of the world’s top biodiversity preservation needs.


Working with the Kijabe Forest Trust to plant timberlands that channel water, support networks and home wildlife.


Helping local farmers plant trees that protect watersheds and improve food security and supply.

Climate change is our greatest threat

And you can do something about it. Carbon dioxide is one of the biggest drivers of climate change, and we all know we should be playing our part in reducing and negating carbon emissions.

Tree planting not only helps offset your emissions, but it comes with tonnes of other benefits too.

Each tree planted retains carbon dioxide from the climate, balancing your carbon. It likewise delivers oxygen, channels the air, channels precipitation and increments climatic dampness.

Our tree partner’s projects give reasonable pay work to ruined towns and networks across the world. This gives individuals a pay to take care of their families and networks a pay to help neighborhood exchange.

The more trees planted, the more solid woodlands that start to reappear – reestablishing creature living spaces, refining water sources, recharging soil and controlling flooding and disintegration.

80% of consumers need organisations to help them have an effect. Tree planting shows everybody you care about your effect on the climate and you’re doing your part to help.

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Ascend launch new forest initiative

Aim to plant 10,000 trees As part of our commitment to the environment we have launched our Ascend Forest initiative. We have been working closely with MoreTrees to help stop deforestation and help the world’s climate change. Our goal is to be part of the initiative to plant 1 billion trees. On behalf of our…

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