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Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a challenging job. Add the stress of dealing with claims, and the old fashioned way insurers respond can make this even more time consuming.

We work to put you in control by introducing systems, processes and technology that streamline claims, while influencing driver behaviour.

Risk Management

By combining modern technology, proactive claims management and innovative risk management solutions with your insurance broker and insurer all in one place, we can make a difference in reducing claims cost and ensuring your workforce are healthy and motivated.

Prevention before the cure

Our main focus is on accident prevention; a proactive rather than reactive way of managing your fleet risks. We will:

  • Improve evidence
  • Improve procedures and technology to ensure you collect accurate evidence
  • Educate your workforce to positively influence driver behaviour
  • Introduce award-winning technology to reduce claims frequency
  • Improve the way you report claims

Alternative approach that puts you in control

We provide a wide range of solutions that help you improve your fleet management risk day-to-day.

Ascend Fleet

  • Fleet Management
  • Driving Risk

Add on services

  • Driver Training
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Performance League Tables
  • Telematics Review
  • Unsafe Driving Report
  • Pre-Inspection

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