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Saving Time – Saving Money

Managing Your Insurance Claims

Motor insurance claims can take 30 days to report a claim and subsequently defend meaning the traditional method is more costly for the insurer and can mean premium increases to you.

Our Ascend Claims App is an “evolutionary” app that motor insurance clients can use to accurately record and quickly submit claim data directly to our claims team and your transport manager. Saving time and money as well as protecting drivers livelihoods and company reputations.

All Ascend customers receive this additional service free

Immediate Claim Notification  |  GPS Positioning  | Photographic Evidence  |  Digital Records |

90% time saving in reporting a claim

Specially created to help your fleet drivers

Created to help your fleet drivers quickly and accurately record information at the scene of an accident ad pass this claim data directly to you and your insurer

Drivers will download the app and add the company policy. When an accident/incident occurs, the driver will have the app on their mobile device ready to capture vital on-scene information and imagery that will then be sent directly to you and our Ascend claims team. Users of the app are already seeing the time between accident and reporting being cut by over 90%. The information provided is more accurate and complete allowing your claims to be better defended and your assets better protected.

The full system is ready to go on Android and iPhone devices – talk to us to find out more.


Claims App

Reducing Claims Cost

Awad winning approach to managing insurance claims and reducing claims cost

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Cutting claims delays    |   Reducing claims cost    |   Improving outcomes   |   Reducing premium costs

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Instant claims notifications


Always be able to access your actual cover

Technical Issues

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Manage policy changes 365 days a year


All policy number and Insurer details 


Access copy invoices & statements

Policy wordings

All policy wordings available

Sums Insured

Instant sums insured available


Access all important contacts

Ascend Claims App

  • Reducing claims reporting to under 5 minutes
  • GPS positioning
  • Digital claim form
  • Driver roadside notification
  • Prevent your business becoming a victim of fraud
  • More information from your drivers
  • 30% claims cost reduction
  • Submitted claims are sent directly to fleet managers
  • Guides you through what to do after a motor accident
  • Faster reporting delivers savings

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